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A fake video has now emerged depicting casualties of a particular unit in Manipur.

Ever since clashes erupted in Manipur, Army & Assam Rifles have been at the forefront in rescuing people across communities in a nonpartisan manner. Reprehensibly, inimical elements have, on numerous occasions, made multiple failed attempts to malign the Security Forces in general & Assam Rifles in particular. 
Rebuttal: Posts on Social Media on Casualties of 37 Assam Rifles.
A fake video has now emerged depicting casualties of a particular unit  in Manipur. 

There has neither been any such clash between Assam Rifles and Manipur Police, nor have any casualties occurred. The video, of training activity of Indian Army in Punjab of 2021 vintage, is yet another failed attempt by inimical elements to build hate against those at the forefront of preventing violence. 

Incidentally, synergised malicious campaign, by an unethical collusion of  people both internal & external, is being run against this unit which has been at the fore front in preventing incidents of large-scale arson & possible loss of human lives. The perpetrators, having been prevented by troops on ground have failed yet again on social media as well. 

Army & Assam Rifles will continue to work relentlessly till normalcy is restored & would once again request all sections of media to exercise greater than normal prudence in responding to news related to Manipur.

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