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Head of BGB Delegation meets Shri Ravi Gandhi, ADG, BSF Eastern Command.

Kolkata, June 25, 2024:

 In a significant step to boost bilateral cooperation, Brigadier General Shamim Ahmed, SGP, SPP, PBGM, Additional Director General and Area Commander, South Western Region, Jashore, Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) met Shri Ravi Gandhi, Additional Director General, HQ, SDG, Eastern Command, Border Security Force (BSF), Kolkata. The meeting was part of the high-level 20th IG BSF-BGB Area Commanders Conference.

Head of BGB delegation additionally discussed with Additional Director General, HQ, SDG, Eastern Command, Border Security Force (BSF) about the issues related to enhance operational coordination and cooperation between BGB and BSF during the conference. Both the commanders highlighted the importance of fostering a strong bilateral relationship to improve border management and security.

Shri Gandhi and Brig Gen Ahmad emphasized on the need to build trust among the local population living on both sides of the border. They emphasised that enhancing cooperation and understanding between the Border Security Force personnel of the two countries is vital to achieve this objective.
Speaking on the interaction, Shri Ravi Gandhi, Additional Director General said that the focus was on further strengthening the bonds of friendship, mutual trust and cooperation between the BSF and BGB. Shri Gandhi emphasized on maintaining open lines of communication and regular joint meeting and training programs to enhance interoperability and operational efficiency.

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