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On 31 August at 1130AM, two trucks of Indian Army were traveling from Yumthang towards Lachung in North Sikkim. At a place 4 km South of Yumthang, a massive land slide occured due to sudden glacial lake burst. The Army vehicles got stuck, however, the troops managed to come out from chest deep mud. They immediately went back, halted the tourist vehicles which were following, took them back to the nearest Army Camp at Shiv Mandir. 

The tourists  were provided food and elderly were offered medical care. The troops vacated their accommodation to make arrangements for the stay of the 8 women, 2 infants and 68 others including elderly. In the meantime, additional troops and dozers of BRO got into action at the site. By 5 PM, it was possible to create a path to cross the site on foot. All the tourists were brought back to the site, leaving the vehicles behind, all the people were assisted to crosse over and on the other side, Army and BRO vehicles received them and took them to Lachung. Thus, quick reaction by the troops avoided any mishap and at the same time, all assistance was provided. Meanwhile, efforts are on, to clear the road for vehicular movement as soon as possible.

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