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Indian Army Commemorates International Albinism Awareness Day in Manipur.

Indian Army commemorated International Albinism Awareness Day in Manipur by organising dental and medical camp and an awareness lecture for Internally Displaced People (IDP), locals, and villagers of adjoining villages, at S Kawtlian in Churachandpur district on 12 Jun 24. The joint effort by Indian Army doctors, along with the medical and surgical specialists from Churachandpur District Hospital provided healthcare to the needy.  The camp witnessed an overwhelming turnout of 257 individuals of all ages, including 87 children and 110 women.)
The medical camp featured a dedicated team of dental, medical officers and nursing assistants from the Indian Army alongside four ENT, Surgical and medical specialists from Churachandpur district hospital, conducting comprehensive basic healthcare checkups for the residents, ensuring that immediate medical attention was provided to those in need. In addition to the medical checkups, the camp also featured a medicine counter to provide essential medications post-checkup. The awareness lecture delivered by the medical officer from the Army focused on albinism, healthcare measures, crucial topics such as hygiene, preventive healthcare, and balanced nutrition. A lecture and demonstration CPR and lifesaving skills was also delivered.
The event aimed at providing healthcare services and promoting health awareness and marked another step by the Indian Army in building a healthier environment for the locals and the IDPs, as the Indian Army remains committed to its efforts to support and assist the people affected by the ongoing crisis.

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