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Inauguration of Blood Components & Apheresis facility at 151 Base Hospital Blood Centre , GUWAHATI : First in North-East region of Eastern command .

151 BH being a zonal hospital, is a referral facility for tertiary care as well as drainage area for casualty evacuation in North-East area, has a crucial role to play during war and peace. The Blood Centre of 151BH is licensed for human whole blood only, wef 10 Mar 1997. It was a felt need to upgrade the blood centre to incorporate Blood Components & Apheresis facility. 

The Blood Centre successfully conducted the joint inspection on 17 Apr 2023 by the designated officers of drug controllers of Assam & India for newly created Blood Components & Apheresis facility with mandated specific infrastructure, equipments and skilled staff.

The facility would offer specific components (pure red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma and random donor platelets) prepared using refrigerated centrifuge and apheresis facility (plateletpheresis, plasmapheresis etc) through an automated cell separator machine.

The facility was inaugurated by Maj Gen Rajesh Kumar Jha, AVSM, GOC, 51 Sub Area on 01 May 2023.

The 151 BH Blood Centre would be the first licensed Blood Components & Apheresis facility in the North-East region of Eastern Command.

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