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The Indian Coast Guard, the youngest Armed Force and Assam Rifles, the oldest paramilitary force signed a ‘Charter of Affiliation’ on 22 May 2019. This initiative facilitated greater understanding of operational ethos, sharing of best practices from each other, building camaraderie and utilisation of each other’s assets for operations, training, sports and adventure. To continue with this affiliation, a delegation of 02 Officers and 04 Jawans from Assam Rifles visited Indian Coast Guard District Headquarters-8, Haldia from 10 Jan-14 Jan 22 where they were 
briefed on functioning of coastal surveillance network set up of Indian Coast Guard 
along the Indian Coast.

The delegation also visited Indian Coast Guard Hovercraft Squadron at Haldia where they were briefed about the advantages of hovercrafts over conventional boats/ships with an ability to travel at high speeds over shallow water, sandbanks, 
mud flats and swamps that are non-navigable by boats/ships due to draught restrictions/uncharted depths. The officers and Jawans of Assam Rifles also embarked hovercraft H-188 to have an insight of operational ethos of Indian Coast Guard in maintaining its effective presence in the Sunderbans and adjoining coastal areas of the state. The delegation of Assam Riffles had an exposure on technology during the visit and will definitely put it to use in the borders along the Indo￾Myanmar border which the force is guarding.

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