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A proud Army wife, mother of

A proud Army wife, mother of two adorable daughters, self taught artist, over the years 
Neeru Handa has created her impeccable brand of wearable art, Rangbarse Creations and 
mastered using the six yard as her canvas, florals and abstract designs being her forte. 
A proud army wife, she studied to be a teacher in English literature but her heart always lay elsewhere.“Being a mother to adorable daughters gave me purpose and fulfillment but the call to create something of my own, completely by myself never really left me and that’s when fashion designing caught my eye. I remember overcoming my fear of the road and learning to drive all by myself just to commute for a couple hours daily to get to my designing classes. Now I look back to those days of learning fondly but they weren’t devoid of struggle especially with two young kids and my husband working almost 12 hours a day but with his support and my eagerness we managed to make it work.”

I knew if I wanted to make it, I needed to have a niche of my own. I personally love floral 
prints and sarees so when I started my first project, I decided to combine the two and thought of incorporating paints instead of regular stitching. Over time, I ventured into all sorts of different techniques, textures, colors and dyes I could get my hands on. The fabric is my canvas, my day starts with my colors and isn’t complete until I have painted something. I use all sorts of paints be it pigment dyes, fabric paints and it usually takes me seven to ten days to complete an order, depending on the design. Customers can choose the design as well as the material they want it on, such as kotadoria or organza silk, chiffon or satin. Hand painted piece of art needs hours and hours of hard work in terms of conceptualization and execution and I create each piece with lots of love and passion. I would like to use this space to convey my thanks to each and every person especially my clients who show immense love and faith in my artwork.

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