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18th Inspectors General Border Security Force -Region Commander Border Guard Bangladesh Border Coordination Conference   Joint Records of Discussion signed Wednesday. 
The 11 member of BGB delegation is being led by Brig General A B M Nowroj Ehsan, BSP, psc, Additional Director General, Region Commander, North West Region, Rangpur. The BGB delegation consists of K M Azad, BPM, (sheba), PPM (sheba), psc Additional Director General, Region Comdr, SW Region, Jashore and other 09 delegates.
The 11 member BSF delegation is led by Dr. Atul Fulzele, IPS, IG, BSF, South Bengal, Ftr. The BSF delegation consists of Shri Ajay Singh, IG, BSF, North Bengal Ftr, Shri Kamaljit Singh Banyal, IG, BSF, Guwahati Ftr and other 08 delegates.
In conference Dr. Atul Fulzele, IPS, IG, BSF, South Bengal, Ftr the leader of BSF delegation stated that both the Border Guarding Forces, BSF and BGB are deployed on the most complex and dynamic Indo-Bangladesh Border. He expressed his gratitude to BGB and Government of Bangladesh for their co-operation in solving various important issues of Border management. Leader of BSF delegation further stated that considering the complex and dynamic nature of the Indo-Bangladesh Border, the BSF and BGB play pivotal role in complementing each other’s efforts in effective implementation of border management on respective side. He further stated that special warmth in relations and positive changes in conflict resolving mechanism of both the Forces is very encouraging. He assured that BSF intend to take this spirit further through this meeting to the field level in order to resolve ground level problems much easier.
IG BSF also stated that the criminals exist on both sides of border. Their nefarious designs can be thwarted only when BSF and BGB work in tandem at every level. For this, BSF assure best co-operation at all times. He expressed his confidence in BGB for having similar approach. He further stated that “Co-ordinated Border Management Plan” (CBMP) is an instrument that has been developed by both the forces for effective border management. The responsibility of its implementation in its true spirit is on the shoulders of both the forces who are working in the field. The leader of BSF delegation further conveyed his firm belief that this meeting will further take relation of both the Forces to higher pedestal.

The leader of BGB delegation, Brigadier General A B M Nowroj Ehsan, BSP, psc Additional Director General, Region Commander, Rangpur, thanked IG BSF, South Bengal Frontier for a warm reception and generous hospitality extended to the BGB delegation. He stated that both the Border Guarding Forces are entrusted with the sacred responsibility of maintaining peace and tranquility along the border. He expressed his firm belief that friendly exchange of ideas, cooperation, coordination and mutual support would reduce the gaps of the understandings and enable both the forces to resolve various border issues in its right perspective. Besides, such interactions would strengthen the bondage between the two countries for achieving common goal.

In the end of conference, both commanders of the forces signed on JRD and ended the conference with cordial gesture.

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