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INS Sumitra is always on guard so that no one can attack India by sea said Navy Commanding Officer.


First Glance. INS Sumitra is the latest of four NOPV, Saryu class of ships conceived, designed and built indigenously by Goa Shipyard Limited, adding one more chapter to the nation’s continuing saga of indigenisation. The keel of the ship was laid on 28 April 2010 and was commissioned into the fleet by the Chief of Naval 
Staff on 04 Sep 2014 at Chennai. The ship is undoubtedly one of the most successfully
designed indigenous ships in terms of hull form, equipment package, role-worthiness and habitability. The ship is a frontline unit under the operational control of the Flag Officer Commanding Eastern Fleet. The ship boasts long endurance among IN ships and is capable of effectively meeting all roles of IN, making versatility as her forte coupled with self-sufficiency during prolonged deployments. 


Roles of the Ship. The fundamental role of the ship is to protect and safeguard our national maritime interests in times of peace, precautionary stage and during war. Thus, fulfilling IN’s military, constabulary, diplomatic and benign roles effectively across the entire spectrum of conflict. The ship, being the flag bearer of IN has been undertaking fleet support operations, HADR operations, Anti-Piracy missions, surveillance of EEZ and beyond, perform ELINT/COMINT, monitoring sea lines of 
communication and also enhancing the diplomatic reach of the Navy across the globe. 
Equipment Fit. The ship is equipped with state of the art communication and navigation systems. The combat power is complimented by one 76mm gun (Super Rapid Gun Mount), two 30mm Anti-Air Warfare close in weapon systems, two Kavach (indigenous) chaff and an integrated Electronic Support Measures (ESM) system. The 
ship is capable of operating indigenous helicopters, Advanced Light Helicopter and 
Chetak making her mission ready, always and every time.
Battle Honours. The gallant battle honors for team Sumitra includes the Non￾Combatant evacuation operation RAHAT in 2015, wherein the ship was redeployed from Patrolling off Gulf of Aden to war-trodden Yemen. The ship during this operation undertook five evacuations rescuing a total of 1621 evacuees including 961 Indians 
and 660 foreign nationals amidst aerial attacks and bombing. The ship has the prestigious distinction of being President’s Yatch during International Fleet Review 2016 and Presidents Fleet Review 2022. With the Ashoka emblem and flying the President’s flag on the mast, Sumitra stood out amid all other ships lined up for review.
Present Commission. The Ship is being commanded by Cdr Rajababu Sharma, as the 
ninth skipper at the helm. Being an able war horse of Poorvi Beda (Eastern Fleet) and Keeping versatility to adapt a wide range of operations, Team Sumitra, takes immense pride in remaining steadfast to its motto “Alert and Able”, सचेत एवंसक्षम always and ever.
Photos:  Suvendu Das 

Indian Navy officer Sudipta Mitra said INS Sumitra is a threat to foreign enemies. Because INS Sumitra is monitoring the border of Indian waters in deep sea. So that the new generation comes forward to join the Navy. And naval officers feel that such an exhibition is very important for the defense of the country. 

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