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Border Security Force is celebrating its 59th Raising Day.

Border Security Force (BSF) is celebrating its 59th raising day today. Established on December 1, 1965, following the 1965 India-Pakistan War, the BSF has played a vital role in the security of India's eastern and western borders.
After the 1965 war, the need for a special force became apparent due to infiltration, smuggling, and military aggression on Indian borders. BSF was then formed through a parliamentary resolution. Initially, the Border Security Force consisted of personnel from various State Armed Police battalions, now the Border Security Force has 2.65 lakh personnel, BSF consists of 193 Battalions, 4 NDRF Battalions, 7 Artillery Units, 8 Water Wings, and 1 Air Wing.
Since its inception, BSF has played a vital role in securing India's borders and assisting the civil administration during various situations. Evolving into a multi-dimensional organization, BSF took up challenges beyond traditional border security and created new dimensions in border management.

*Strategic Importance of the South Bengal Frontier:*

The South Bengal Frontier is one of the most strategically important border areas under the purview of the Eastern Command of BSF, securing 913 Kms of the total 4,096 km of international border with Bangladesh. Including 364 Kms of riverine border including the vast area of Charland.  The area of South Bengal Frontier extends from the Bay of Bengal in the south to the northern part of Malda district covering diverse geographical features including the Sundarbans. The Indo-Bangladesh border in South Bengal is one of the most challenging borders in the country. The border is very complex because of population living nearby on both sides of the border having similar ethnic and cultural similarities.
*1. The aggressive approach of the South Bengal Frontier toward stopping illegal infiltration shows great success, illegal infiltration on India Bangladesh border Is reduced to negligible.*

The Troops of the South Bengal Frontier have succeeded in significantly reducing illegal infiltration by keeping special vigilance and vigil on the international border of India-Bangladesh However, most of the area of the South Bengal Frontier is unfenced, and more than 60 of its border villages are situated on the international border, which helps touts in illegal infiltration. Under the project of new technology Electronic Surveillance for Vulnerable Patches (ESVP) in unfenced and riverine areas, surveillance has been further strengthened by equipping troops with CCTV cameras, PTZ cameras, and drone surveillance, which has seen extensive results. As a result, this year, illegal infiltration has been reduced to a great extent.

*Continuous steps against illegal infiltration:*

In the year 2023, various battalions of the South Bengal Frontier, while taking action against illegal infiltrators, have arrested 1596 illegal infiltrators including 1220 Bangladeshi infiltrators and 376 Indian nationals and most significant is the *apprehension of 46 tauts*. This year, in a unique rescue by AHTU teams initiated by South Bengal Frontier, 2 Bangladeshi and 1 Indian woman were rescued from the clutches of human traffickers. The credit for stopping these human smugglers goes to the AHTU teams launched by the South Bengal Frontier. These teams, through awareness programs in the border areas, have empowered the local residents, making it challenging for infiltrators and human smugglers to continue their activities in the border area.
*2. South Bengal Frontier breaks the record this year, seizing 153 Kg of gold worth Rs 92 crore.*

BSF jawans on South Bengal border are keeping one step ahead of gold smugglers thwarting many illegal activities and emerging new methods of smuggling. Their proactive approach and keen understanding make them adept at swiftly thwarting any attempts by smugglers. The seizure of 153 kg of gold worth more than Rs 92 crore by BSF jawans in the year 2023 shows their continuous success.

*Continuous action against gold smugglers:*

In the current year, various forces along the South Bengal border have taken significant action against gold smugglers, resulting in the seizure of 153 kg of gold worth Rs 92 crore. Continuous intelligence received from the intelligence department in the South Bengal frontier has made it challenging for smugglers to adopt new strategies. Gold smugglers on the India-Bangladesh border adopt new tactics, which the soldiers of South Bengal Frontier have succeeded in thwarting with their efficiency. In the year 2023, the soldiers have succeeded in arresting 87 cases of gold smuggling, which include throwing gold over the fencing, hiding it in the inner part of the body, bringing it hidden in the cavity of various vehicles, hiding it in slippers/shoes, in farming tools etc. Recently, soldiers have also foiled several attempts of Gold smuggling in paste or gel form.

*3. South Bengal Frontier curbs drug smuggling and seizes drugs worth crores this year, breaking the morale of smugglers.*

Due to the tireless efforts of BSF jawans, drug smuggling has been effectively curbed this year, bringing it down to the lowest level. The unwavering commitment and sustained efforts of BSF personnel have contributed significantly in combating drug trafficking, thereby maintaining a strong hold on the issue. During the year, various units of South Bengal Frontier have seized 1,21,189 bottles of Phensedyl worth Rs 2.47 crore, 1562.62 kg of Ganja, and 7,221 Yaba tablets worth Rs 36 lakh. This year, success has been achieved in catching a total of 641 smugglers in the South Bengal frontier area, out of which 183 are Bangladeshi and 458 are Indian smugglers.
*4. Maitri Matches and Dialogue- A milestone in strengthening the security measures on the borders by BSF and BGB, regional stability and mutual cooperation.*

Border Security Force (BSF) recognizes the vital importance of maintaining harmonious relations with the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) as the cornerstone for effective border management. In pursuit of better coordination and cooperation between these pillars of border security, BSF has taken various measures.

*High-Level Dialogue:*

During the year 2023, BSF and BGB conducted a series of high-level discussions, which included one Inspector General (IG) level meeting, five Sector Commander level meetings and regular Battalion Commander level meetings. These interactions demonstrate the commitment of both the border security forces to promote cooperation and coordination. The current level of cooperation and coordination between the two border security forces is at its peak.

*Cricket and volleyball matches increased brotherhood*

As a part of the ongoing series, a friendly cricket match took place at the Brahmanagar BOP in Krishnanagar Sector in Nadia District. The match not only displayed the spirit of the game but also provided an informal setting for the personnel of both forces to interact and build camaraderie. Additionally, three friendly volleyball matches were held at various border crossings, including Darshana in Bangladesh, Ranghat and Pisbari in India. These matches serve as a means to strengthen relations between the BSF and the BGB through friendly sporting competitions.

*Strengthening Regional Security:*

The collaborative measures undertaken by BSF and BGB are integral not only to bilateral relations but also to regional security. By promoting a culture of cooperation and communication, both armies contribute to a stable and secure border area.
*5. Holistic Empowerment: South Bengal Frontier's multidimensional approach to border community welfare changes the face of border villages.*

*Miscellaneous activities to empower border residents*

South Bengal Frontier, Border Security Force, as part of its commitment towards the well-being of border residents, conducted a series of activities focused on medical care, infrastructure development, human resource enhancement, skill development, and civic programs. In this year large activities were conducted which benefited 6254 border residents, and essential commodities worth Rs 1,33,76,000/- were distributed to meet various needs.
As part of its efforts to bridge the gap between the Border Security Force and the local community, the Border Security Force (BSF) launched the Seema Darshan program for students. This program is about the students watching the retreat ceremony at ICP Petrapole, weapons display along with information about the life of a soldier on the border. Additionally, students are given the opportunity to visit the composite border outpost of Kalyani. This year a total of 5686 students actively participated in the border visit program and gained valuable knowledge and first-hand experience of the border environment.
Empowerment through education and exposure:
The launch of the Border Darshan program underlines the commitment of BSF to promote understanding and cooperation between the border forces and the local community. By exposing students to the life and responsibilities of border security personnel, the program seeks to inspire and educate the younger generation about the importance of national security and the challenges faced by those guarding the borders.
BSF is striving to secure the Borders of the country effectively.

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