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From Sikkim to Jammu and Kashmir, the Indian Army came forward for rescue operations due to heavy snowfall.

Sudden Snowfall in East Sikkim, 500 Stranded Tourists Rescued by Troops of Trishakti Corps Indian Army.
Due to sudden heavy snowfall, approximate 175 vehicles with more than 500 tourists got stranded at Natu La,  East Sikkim on 21 Feb.
Troops of TrishaktiCorps braving sub zero temperature rushed to rescue and provide succour to the stranded tourists.
Prompt Medicare, hot refreshments/meals and safe transportation was rendered timely to assist the tourists reach safety. 
TriShakti Corps, Indian Army while guarding the borders in Sikkim, is always prepared to assist the civil administration and people.

The Indian Army at Banihal displayed exemplary service and swift action during a road blockade on NH44 near Banihal due to landslide, stone shooting and heavy snow fall, rescuing panicked staff and students from the Law College of Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur (Rajasthan).
Heavy snowfall and roadblocks caused due to landslide by inclement weather on 21 February 2024 left many commuters stranded along the treacherous NH44 highway. Among them were 07 university Staff and 74 students who found themselves caught in the storm while traveling and needed shelter for the night.
Recognizing the critical urgency of the situation, Indian Army in Banihal prioritised their evacuation, ensuring their safety and well-being. They provided stranded staff and students with medical assistance, food and warm shelter.

Dr. Kalpesh Nikawat, Principal of the Law College, expressed his gratitude to the Indian Army for their swift and decisive action. He commended their unwavering dedication to serving the nation and its citizens, highlighting their valor and readiness to face any challenge.

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