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Ex. Group Captain Rames Das wrote about the war of Israel Hamas.

It is more than 4 months since Hamas attacked Israel. What has transpired since then is ruthless destruction of Gaza. Life and property have been lost beyond realms of retribution. It is easy to understand what Israel did in the first 30 days or so.

The more the war goes on, the world opinion will grow against Israel. What Israel did has by now more than justified it hunger for vengeance. Gaza and Hamas will survive irrespective how much Israel tries to finish them. It would suit Israel perfectly if it calls for a ceasefire now rather than prolonging the war indefinitely.

photo : Al Jazeera

As in the Ukraine Russian war which does not seem to have a visible closure in the near future, the Israel Gaza war seem to be going in the same direction. I doubt Israel on its part will cede any quarters in any peace talks. So what have you, a war between the powerful Israel and Hamas who will fight only using guerilla tactics. I have an impression that if the war prolongs then other players would get involved. Acts of violence against soft targets in America and Europe by Jihadist groups. For each such act they would blame Israel and USA for having compelled them. This is no logic but do the Jihadists need logic.

Author: Group Captain R K Das(Retd)

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