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Indian Army's Water Conservation Initiatives Making Waves in North East.

On the occasion of World Water Day, the Indian Army proudly continues its steadfast commitment to preserving the environment through focused efforts on water conservation. With a keen awareness of the escalating challenges posed by water scarcity and climate change, the Indian Army has initiated several impactful projects aimed at preserving water resources and fostering sustainable practices in the North East region of the Nation.
One significant contribution is the participation in the Government of India's "Mission Amrit Sarovar," wherein the Indian Army has established a substantial 'Amrit Sarovar' spanning 2.50 acres in a remote location at Leimakhong Military Station in Manipur. This reservoir boasts a capacity of 32000 cubic meters, exemplifying the dedication towards water conservation.
Addressing critical water needs in Manipur, the Indian Army has implemented various projects to enhance water storage and supply infrastructure. Operation Sadbhavana saw the creation of rainwater harvesting and water supply facilities at Taphou Naga Village in Senapati District, along with pipeline installation and water supply restoration at Lonphail and Khoirantak villages in Churachandpur District, alleviating the impact of ethnic strife on local communities.
Furthermore, in Wamku village in Chandel District and Haochang Village in Noney District, the Army has established water supply schemes from nearby water streams, significantly reducing the burden of water procurement for the local populace.

In Nagaland, the Indian Army's efforts extend to providing permanent water filtration, cooling, and storage facilities at Kisama Heritage Village, ensuring safe drinking water availability for visitors, particularly during events like the Hornbill Festival.

Additional support has been extended to villages such as Makhan, Premnagar, Kanto Sabal in Imphal West, P Moulding village and ESM Colony in Kangpokpi Districts, augmenting water storage and filtration facilities.

These endeavours underscore the Indian Army's unwavering commitment to sustainable water conservation practices in the North East region, notwithstanding the challenges posed by terrain and security concerns.

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