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Women army officers are engaged in road construction to stop the enemy side in very inaccessible border areas..

Article penned by LT Gen (Rtd) Rajeev Chaudhry. 

Women in BRO: Trailblazers of Change BRO since its inception in 1960 had only male officers due to
the nature of task and isolated deployments for prolonged periods cutting roads in tough terrains under most treacherous weather conditions along our land borders. Two decades back, handful of women officers started joining but was employed in staff appointments only keeping in view the
hazards of the ground tasks. Then a historical decision was taken by DGBR on 08 Mar 21 to provide a gender neutral environment to women officers in line with current government’s theme of ‘Naari Sashaktikaran’ and first woman officer EE (Civ) Ms Vaishali S Hiwase was posted as Officer Commanding (OC) of a Road Construction Company (RCC).