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"Taliban Takeover of Afghanistan " author Gp.Captain R K Das( Retd)

The past three weeks have seen history being made . Images of Afghanistan flooded every home and office throughout the world. The quick manner of Taliban take over , the rushed evacuation and violence which ensued was unprecedented. The US is blamed now for all evils . The United States had an interest in attempting to preserve the many political, human rights, and security gains that have been achieved in Afghanistan since 2001. The Taliban takeover of the country could once again turn Afghanistan into a terrorist safe haven, as the group is believed to maintain ties with al-Qaeda. The takeover also threatens to reverse advances made in securing the rights of women and girls. Moreover, increasing internal instability, a mass exodus of refugees, and a growing humanitarian crisis could have regional ramifications as neighboring countries respond. In addition, Pakistan, , Iran, and Russia are all likely to compete for influence in Kabul and with subnational actors.

In February 2020, after more than a year of direct negotiations, the US government and the Taliban signed  a peace agreement that set a timeline for the withdrawal of U S troops from Afghanistan. Under the agreement the United States pledged to  draw down US troops to approximately 8,500 within 135 days and complete a full withdrawal within fourteen months. In return, the Taliban pledged to prevent territory under its control from being used by terrorist groups and enter into negotiations with the Afghan government.

     photo: news.sky.com

In addition to the Taliban’s offensive, Afghanistan faces a threat from the ISIK, which has also  expanded its presence in several eastern provinces,  attacked Kabul, and targeted civilians with suicide attacks. Uncertainty surrounding the future of international assistance has strained the Afghan economy. Although the United States and its allies pledged in late 2020 to continue providing support  to the Afghan government, they could reduce aid following the Taliban takeover. Such a move could compound Afghanistan’s deteriorating economic situation.

The sudden turn of events this is hardly desirable for a country like India. Indian assets in Afghanistan have been targeted by the Haqqani group, a major Taliban faction. India has also been able to invest in Afghanistan’s future partially because of the presence of U.S.-led troops and the relative stability it brought. With this stability at risk, India needs to urgently reposition its priorities in these fast-changing times. I foresee a marked intervention of Pakistan in Afghan state of affairs. Given the trend and track record , I would be surprised if lasting peace and stability exists in this land.


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