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Evacuation of Indian nationals stranded in Odessa (Ukraine) via Moldova to Romania.

The IAF joined Op Ganga when it dispatched a heavy lift C-17 transport aircraft to Romania to bring back our citizens.

Embassy of India in Romania in coordination with Moldovan authorities is organizing movement of Indian nationals stranded in Odessa (Ukraine) to Bucharest (Romania) via Moldova
• Airspace in Moldova is closed so Indians are being sent to Bucharest
• Embassy is organising two routes for buses - one set of buses for those crossing the Palanca border (Ukraine- Moldova) and being sent directly to Romania without stopping in Moldova.
• Another route for those who are in the camps located in and around the capital Chisinău.

• The bus services are being provided free of cost

• Since March 01, about 250 students have crossed over to Romania. They have all been sent by buses organised by Embassy directly to Romania (Bucharest) from the border.
• About 80-100 nationals are still left in and around Chisinău (Capital) and most will be leaving by a bus today (on March 02)

• In Bucharest, Indian Embassy is helping the Indian nationals with flights under Operation Ganga.

• Embassy in coordination with Romanian Authorities, has ensured that no visa is required to exit Romania via special flights.

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