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Sailing Expedition 2022 by Naval Wing NCC Cadets of NCC Directorate, West Bengal and Sikkim was flagged off from Farakka Barrage 
on 22 May 2022 by Mr Sanjiv Kumar, GM, NTPC Farakka after undergoing two days of rigorous sailing cum pulling training camp at NTPC Farakka.
This strenuous Expedition over a distance of 430 Kms on River Hoogly in 19 days is one of the toughest sails in the world for children under 
18 years and the longest river route compared to other NCC Directorates in India. The expedition comprising of 25 Senior Wing Girls Cadets sailed 
and rowed shoulder to shoulder with 35 Senior Division Boys Cadets in three DK Whaler Class Boats under command of Cdr Mrinmay Nandi, CO 
1(Bengal) Naval Unit NCC and Lt Col G H Mustafa, CO 1(Bengal) Girls Bn NCC.
The expedition team enroute made halts at Raghunathganj, Berhampore, Katwa, Nabodwip, Kalna, Chinsura, Dakhineshwar before 
arriving at Kolkata. The team was able to complete the gruelling route without any untoward incident despite encountering a severe strorm and oppressive heat and humid conditions. 
At the places of halts, the expedition team undertook various social campaigns like the awareness on Puneet Sagar Abhiyan, which was 
spread by the cadets by taking up cleaning of the river banks, performing nukkad nataks and rallies. The cadets also interacted with local population 
and exchanged ideas. 
The cadets were divided into four teams and competed against each other in various competitions. Such expedition makes the cadets mentally robust and physically strong besides developing in them team spirit, camaraderie, swift decision making ability, steadfastness, resilience and imbibing a spirit of adventure.
The expedition was received at the Man of War Jetty on banks of Hoogly river at Kolkata on 9th June 2022 by Mejor General Uday Shankar Sengupta, ADG, NCC, Directorate. West Bengal and Sikkim which was followed by an impressive ceremony held at Prince Memorial. The glittering ceremony was pricided over Smt Jhulan Goswami,  International cricketer. The proud cadets recounted their experience of the nineteen days sailing to the distinguished attendees. The outstanding cadets were felicitated for their performance in the expedition by The honorable guest of honour. 

Photo: Suvendu Das 

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