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Inspirational initiative of Indian Army turns dreams of students into reality at Super 50 in Manipur

Empowering Manipur's Youth: Indian Army's Super 50 Initiative Thrives Amidst Crisis.

Amidst the challenges faced by Manipur, Spear Corps of the Indian Army has remained steadfast in its commitment to empower the youth of the region. Through a range of initiatives, the Corps has actively engaged in providing coaching and support for competitive exams and employment opportunities, thereby fostering a brighter future for Manipur's young generation.
The "Manipur Super 50" coaching classes, a collaborative effort between the Indian Army, SBI Foundation and NIEDO, have yielded remarkable results. With the successful completion of the first batch in 2023, boasting a 75% qualification rate in NEET and 50% in JEE, the program has demonstrated its effectiveness in equipping underprivileged students with the skills and knowledge necessary for admission to top colleges and universities across India. Currently, 35 NEET and 14 JEE aspirants are under coaching at Super 50 as part of 2024 batch.

Furthermore, the Mentoring Centre established at Senapati since Feb 2023 has emerged as a hub for nurturing talent and ambition among NDA, CDS and other competitive exam aspirants. With multiple batches witnessing overwhelming subscriptions the entries into esteemed institutions and forces like the Indian Army, CAPF, BSF & State forces, highlights the success of initiative.

Additionally, the recent registration drive for Agniveer CE Exams in Bishnupur district to include areas of Phougakchao, underscores the dedication of Spear Corps  to foster inclusivity and diversity amongst the youth, who further will be part of Nation building.

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