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The powerful FPV kamikaze drone is in the hands of the Eastern Command of the Indian Army.

Kamikaze drone exercise with first-person view at Indian Army's Eastern Command was eye-opening. Kamikaze drones with first-person view are now in the hands of the Indian Army, just like Russia, China, Israel, and Iran. This FPV drone works successfully in all kinds of inaccessible places, from jungles to high mountains.

Kamikaze (or ‘suicide’) drones have increased combat capabilities and are able to carry out high-precision surgical strikes. The drone can passively wait in a target area, looking for its prey, and then attack once the target is identified and located. Such munitions are also capable of selective targeting,  aborting or re-directing the strike during combat missions.
FPV drones are low-cost drones, which the Indian Army has already adopted and the Eastern Command has seen glimpses of its practice. These indigenously developed FPV drones are believed to be a game changer. The use of drones in the Ukraine war was crucial, highlighting another aspect of the war. The first person view drones were the game changer among them and provided a unique advantage in the battlefield. FPV drones are particularly adept at navigating close quarter combat situations and urban environments with their agility and speed. From narrow city lanes to dense jungles, FPV drones are adept at navigating. They will play an efficient role in monitoring and inflicting damage on the enemy in border areas. 

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