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NCC and Civil Volunteers have jointly come forward to solve the social problem of blood by donating blood.

NCC Directorate at Kolkata Partners with Rotary Club to Hold Blood Dination Camp and Promote Health Awareness.

On the occasion of PoilaBoishakh, the Bengali New Year, the NCC cadets of West Bengal & Sikkim Directorate donated blood as social responsibility to meet the requirements of Govt Hospitals. The event organised at the NCC 
Clubhouse on Outram’s Road, Maidan saw an overwhelming and enthusiastic participation from more than 500 students of various Colleges 
in Kolkata, Hoogly, Howrah, 24 Parganas (N) & (S). Besides the NCC cadets, there were volunteer blood donors from the Army School faculty as well as civil society. The Rotary Club Kolkata, Centurion and the Blood Transfusion Unit, Command Hospital Kolkata joined hands to make the event a success.
Support staff from Command Hospital of Eastern Comd, Rotary club and NCC worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth process, conducting health 
screenings, providing refreshments and offering support to donors throughout the event. The collaboration between NCC and civil volunteer 
organisation exemplifies the power of collective action in addressing crucial social issues including healthcare challenges, particularly the constant demand for blood donations to support medical emergencies and treatments. Such initiatives not only bolsters the city's blood banks but also fosters a sense of community engagement and social responsibility among 
its citizens. The success of this collaborative effort underscores the importance of the youth groups in addressing healthcare gaps and promoting a culture of giving back to society.

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