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Successful firing of ATGMs at extreme heights demonstrates Army's readiness to protect country's borders against enemy threats.

The successful firing of ATGMs at extreme heights demonstrates the Army's readiness to defend the country's borders against any potential threat. ANTI TANK GUIDED MISSILE FIRING CONDUCTED AT SUPER HIGH ALTITUDE AREA  IN SIKKIM .

Trishakti Corps, Indian Army conducted a training exercise of Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM) firing at Super High-Altitude Area of 17000 Feet in Sikkim. Missile Firing Detachments from Mechanised and Infantry Units of entire Eastern Command participated in the training exercise. 
The training exercise encompassed a comprehensive continuity training and live firing from different platforms on moving as well as static targets depicting battlefield conditions. The ATGM Detachments demonstrated capability to neutralize armoured threats with unparalleled lethality, ensuring mission success on treacherous mountains. The ATGM system’s performance in high-altitude environments reaffirms the aim of “Ek Missile Ek Tank”, and showcased the accuracy and effectiveness of ATGM system in Super High-Altitude terrain.

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