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On 25 Dec 2021, approx 1027 tourists who had been stuck in the upper reaches of East Sikkim near the China Border at Nathu La following heavy snow on Saturday were rescued by the Indian Army.
Severe snowfall had occurred in areas of Nathu La, Tsomgo  Lake and adjoining areas on Saturday afternoon, bringing down the temperature to sub Zero levels.
After the heavy snowfall, the vehicles started skidding on the Jawaharlal Nehru Marg that connects these areas with Gangtok. Altogether, there were approx 1027 tourist in 120 vehicles, who got stranded over a stretch of 15 Kilometres.
Army personnels of Black Cat Division posted in the area intervened, rescued the tourists in army vehicles and shifted them to Military camp located near 17 Mile. All the tourists were provided with accommodation, hot meals, warm clothing and critical medical support.

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